Calendar Girls: Shoot # 12 – December

We arrived at an absolutely awesome property for our Christmas shoot. A beautiful grand piano awaited us, together with a decorated Christmas Tree (many thanks to Jo Danilo for the tree, and Wendy at Puttsgreen Florest for the decoratins), and we set about a bit more furniture rearranging. As this was a bigger shoot, I increased the lighting set up and waited for our 11 models to arrive.

Calendar Girls: Shoot # 9 – March

The owner of today’s location and I got together a few days before the shoot to consider a setting that would be fitting for this particular image. When I arrived just before closing time, I was so impressed at the extra time and effort Wendy had put into making the set look just perfect – thank you!!

Calendar Girls: Shoot # 8 – February

1st June and the official start of winter. Nature made it known that she really meant it and the temperatures dropped. Our next shoot was in a ‘warehouse’, with two models. Seriously, it was cold, and no heaters (note to self, take a heater to winter shoots). We wandered around the warehouse, inspected all the nooks and crannies, borrowed chairs and cushions and other ‘props’.

Calendar Girls: Shoot # 7 – July

The baking of buns! Introduction, a blog by Flash Gordon Photography Shoot #7  –  We’re steaming through the shots now – I am really enjoying it!  This is the shoot of the Calendar for the Play ‘ Calendar Girls’, being put on by Stage Door Theatre Company this August. A donation from the proceeds ofContinue reading “Calendar Girls: Shoot # 7 – July”

Calendar Girls: Shoot # 5 – September

Last shot of the day, and hot on the heels of the poster shoot came the tea room shot. Originally, we had discussed our model pouring a cup of tea with the teapot strategically placed. However, I felt it would look better with a tray and had already spotted the ideal candidate from an earlier visit to the tea rooms. Fay again came up trumps, the perfect tea set (Mad Hatter) a deep tray and off we went.

Calendar Girls: Shoot # 3 – May

Arriving for the shoot (ten minutes late – everything takes longer with a headache), we had decided on a typical kiwi garden shot – on the ride-on mower. As usual, we gave the shot a test run, positioned the mower and were joined by the dogs and the cat who it seemed, were determined to get in on the act.