Our goal is to find the most effective way to share your business or message with our community through a variety of media. The most effective way doesn’t mean the most expensive way! We will work to your budget, albeit small or large. Our collective skills, and those of our collaborators enables us to cover all bases, and importantly, do so quickly and efficiently. We aim to connect you with your potential customer base. Because our approach is an ‘inclusive’ one – our clients are part of our team – the more successful you are, the more successful we are.

Importantly, we believe, – we do the work for you, not just to get your business going, but to maintain your visibility within the community. We recognise that our clients all have great intentions! Regular social media posting – sure, it only takes a short time every week, however, other things take priority and before you know it a month has gone by with no posts, then two months and you have lost all the traction you gained when you put poured heaps of energy into the launch of your business or product. Your time is valuable and much better spent focussing in your own area of expertise, while we work behind the scenes on your behalf. This doesn’t need to be costly and we can work to (almost!!) any budget, doing the small things (like that tiresome social media posting) that keeps you visible and successful.

We do this by :

  • MARKETING: Understanding your market
  • Identifying your niche, your unique selling point
  • DESIGN: Designing eye-catching logos, signage and marketing material
  • IMAGERY: Providing a business/product image that draws people to you
  • Using a multi-layered approach to achieving consistent exposure of your business.



Event Management, from pre-publicity and promotion right down to providing excellent event photography, and managing the feedback.    We have great fun organising local events, from small to relatively large.   We love finding the solutions and getting around hurdles and finding ways that will make your event – whatever it is – a huge… Continue reading Events


We have tons of experience in designing all sorts of things: Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Adverts, Websites, Signage, Magazines, T-Shirts, Banners, Posters… the list goes on. And we work with the best suppliers of printed materials and signage in the area.


Our passion for photography, years of experience and top-notch equipment means that we can work in our studio or on location to provide you with perfect shots for any occasion, be it business or pleasure.  We can help you to create the right business profile for you – that represents your product or service in… Continue reading Imagery


Finding it hard to connect with your audience? Unsure of your message? Product or service launch coming up, and you’re not sure how to handle it? Targeting a local area requires a different way of thinking. We’ll examine your business, identify the strategy that will work best, target your market and maintain your presence… so… Continue reading Marketing


Claire & Jo have organised and worked together on a number of Events from intimate special occasions to larger community events. We like to keep this page open because it is simply so varied. If you want to celebrate something… anything at all… give us a call and we’ll come up with a plan together!