Claire and Jo are friends who have worked together on projects for years. They each bring their own special, complimentary skills to the business, together with a passion for their work and for getting things right. They love thinking outside the box and looking at things from different perspectives which they feel gives them edge to produce creative results for you, that helps you to stand out from the crowd.

About Jo

Jo began her professional life as an Egyptologist, of all things! She met her husband while digging in the desert near Libya.

Since then, she somehow gained a Masters in Computer Science, looked after squirrel monkeys in a zoo, raised two boys, wrote three novels, and has spent many of her eight years in New Zealand in the design industry.

About Claire

Claire spent much of her professional life working in the City of London, as a Fund Manager Director of a firm of Stockbrokers.     She made New Zealand home for her and her family in 2007 and launched into her second career as a Counsellor and Photographer.   Claire has two sons, and their love of music influenced her development of the Be Free Youth Mentoring through Music Programme, where she works alongside Jo and their invaluable committee members which includes both their husbands!   Claire has loved the arts and photography since she was a youngster and decided a few years back to focus on building her photography business and skills.  

Her work as a Counsellor has actually been a great help in her photography, enabling her to capture the essence of a her person when she takes her images. 

We are more!  We have some fabulous partners that we work alongside who each bring their own style, flair and skill to our service and help us to go beyond your expectations.